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Tools and Skills 
  1. Just been diagnosed with a mental health condition? Here are some tips on how to deal plus thiToolbox activity helped (and continues to help me) create all round coping mechanisms.
  2. Find additional tips on how to deal with disappointment , my self esteem and my mental health5 ways to Beat the mental health blues  or have a peep at some of my self care routines. 
  3. Since traveling is one of my fav things, I have some tips on from my trip to South Africa on how to take care of yourself in a foreign country, that post was a build up to my road trip essentials for people living with epilepsy/mental health. I have added to both those lists with a few more tips on how I took care of my mental health in Nigeria
General Information 
  1. Mental Health and Suicide crisis helplines in Kenya and Across Africa you should have on your contact list.
  2. General info on Mental health in Kenya from Tips for Interns/Volunteers looking to get into the mental health space in Kenya (and organisations to check out), the link between Mental Health and Kenya's  National Council for Persons with Disability , the famous Mathari Hospital  and getting a forensic test done at Mathari Hospital , 10 things to know about forensic psychiatry in Kenya and everything in between 
  3. Mental health in Africa - learn about happenings in mental health space (outside Kenya) including my quest to collect policies from all African countries 
  4. National Epilepsy Coordinating Committee the umbrella body for all things epilepsy in Kenya. (If you are looking for epilepsy clinics or youth epilepsy support group, use the private message me page) 
Epilepsy and Mental Health 

I have had Epilepsy from age 17 and shared my journey widely from a 6 part series on living with epilepsy where I discuss moving out, work, education, fun, faith and love to  sharing about my first ever seizure on a TED Stage
Follow these  links for more articles

When I was 18, I was sexually assaulted by someone I know, here is a poem I wrote about it and a 4 minute video I shot titled 'A little more'

Unchecked trauma from the rape ordeal led to a bipolar disorder diagnosis, read my  attempt to explain bipolar to my belovedlessons from Stephen fry's documentary and a few articles I have written about my journey and some tips here  here  

One of the poles in bi(two)-polar(poles) is depression, a mental health condition that is misunderstood, here are some facts about Depression  and a narrative of my worst case of depression... read more articles about my experiences here

When depression is at its worst, one can feel suicidal,read about an awareness project I have been involved in and other suicide related matters here.

Last but not least, relapses happen from time to time , read about them here

Mental Health Services 
I offer FREE linkages between those providing mental health services and those looking for the services.

If you are looking for a service provider - psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor, any type of therapy - art, music, dance, yoga, eco, use private message me page

I am constantly getting requests to link people with psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and support groups so I always looking for Mental Health service providers across Africa kindly follow directions on the post to be catalogued.