Most of the resources listed here are based on my personal journey and my interactions with various services providers and government bodies. Kindly note that the list below is a fraction of the things I discuss on this site, feel free to use the search tab to see more.

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1. All things mental health in Kenya from policy to Mathari Hospital and everything in between 
2. Mental health in Africa - learn about happenings in mental health space (outside Kenya) including my quest to collect policies from all African countries 
3. Epilepsy - I have had epilepsy from age 17, here are links to posts and videos I have done 

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4. Rape - When I was 18, I was sexually assaulted by someone I know, here is a poem I wrote about it, and a 4 minute video I shot titled 'A little more', find other useful articles here 
5. Bipolar - Unchecked trauma from the rape ordeal led to a bipolar disorder diagnosis, read a few articles I have written about my journey and some tips here  
6. Depression - one of the poles in bi(two)-polar(poles) is depression, read about my experiences here 
7. Suicide - when depression is at its worst, read about an awareness project I have been involved in and other suicide related matters here 
8. This Toolbox activity helped (and continues to help me) create all round coping mechanisms or you can skip the activity and try out some of my self care routines
9. Relapse - yes, relapses happen from time to time , read about them here
10. 100 days of mental health began as a challenge to myself to get 100 random ways to take care of my mental health during my first month long USA speaking tour, 2016 that went beyond the initial 100 days.

PS: I am constantly getting requests to link people with psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and support groups so I always looking for Mental Health service providers across Africa kindly follow directions on the post to be catalogued. 

Also if you are looking for a service provider - psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor, any type of therapy - art, music, dance, yoga, eco, support and advice use private message me page or email

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