New Month wishes and Akili ni Mali mission Leg 1 updates

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Hey hey beautiful people, 

As most of you know, I began my Akili ni Mali mission two weeks ago and in typical tour sense, I should be jumping all over but here I am sliding out of bed after  midday to wish you all a Happy New Month and update you all on the tour as I fix myself breakfast or lunch (ok the only reason I left bed was for the food)

Leg 1 summary 

These last 10 days have been a marathon for me, I have enjoyed being on the road and meeting new people... I am so excited to announce that I am done with the first leg of my Akili ni Mali mission (if you are just catching up, Akili ni Mali loosely translates to Mind is Wealth and as I count down to marking 14 years as a rape survivor, I am going across Kenya using storytelling to spark conversations about mental health - read more here

Heading out to manyattas in Maasai Mara for epilepsy awareness 

Leg 1 of the mission has seen me criss cross from Narok, Maasai Mara to Kendu Bay, Kisumu town and Maseno. In the 10 days since I began, I have done 7 sessions with different groups that included 2 Universities (Maasai Mara University and Maseno University), 2 groups from the Maasai community including a Manyatta boma meeting while in the Maasai Mara, 2 sessions with 24 girls aged between 8 and 22 living in a rescue centre in Kendu Bay (4 of the girls are living with epilepsy) and a session with young people living with epilepsy in Kisumu town (thank you Caroline K for sponsoring our lunch)

Beside the group sessions, I have also had a few one on one sessions with some of the participants, who shared very personal traumas that they have been struggling with for some time.

Speaking at Maasai Mara University 

On Saturday morning my body gave in and I am taking a break this week just to heal from all that strain of speaking and travelling, check if my house is where I last saw it aaaaand get clean clothes. I will resume on 8th May when I head out to Garissa and Mombasa (keep praying for me and the participants).

At Maseno University 

I have many amazing reports that I will be sharing in a dedicated blog series that I am still conceptualising in my head (add this to the prayer list, that the concept gets on paper and on this screen) I have also been playing around with video shooting, editing and adding sound all from my BlackBerry ... I have done 3 videos and this is my best so far  :)

Because it is a new month and I am a sucker for goal setting and such like things, I will share my expectations for the month being fully aware I might do it all and much more or do none of it but that never stops me... Living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar, it is a constant battle to be in charge and not let the illnesses rule but yet again we don't have to be superhuman all day everyday, sometimes we just have to let things slide (and wake up at midday) So this month, I will be working on the blog series concept for the tour so if you have ideas pleeeease share with me...I will also try to catch up on emails, texts and DMs that I have been falling behind on and maybe revive my vlogs (ideas are welcome)...let's just say May is for content development and conceptualising content distribution, what are your plans for the new month?

I got the above forward text after my first session for the tour which was an amazing thumbs up...I am grateful to each and everyone of you for the love shown through messages, buying tote bags (please place your order), financial contribution (use the Paypal and prayers both for me and the participants, I don't take it for granted that the travels have had no hitches and that the talks have been smooth, on time, with audiences whose healing journeys were sparked by the conversations.

You don't go to Maasai Mara and not do some high jump competition 

Keep praying, pray for me and the participants, pray for the drivers in the various locations because some of these people need those prayers to slow down, pray for the venues and the weather, pray for me and my health and energy and to rely on He who began this work in me...keep praying beautiful people. 

Hanging out with some of the young people living with epilepsy based in epilepsy 

Sending love and light to you all and have a lovely lovely lovely new to get me fed then try to do some nation building things like sleep :)

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